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VinerTech provides a wide variety of services to all sizes of companies. Here's a sample of clients and projects.


For ThirdAge, I developed a customized content creation engine that utilized Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) as well as Mechanical Turk to create scalable content generation and categorization engine. In addition, I built an automated reporting interface for managing and viewing the content creation process utilized by ThirdAge team members.


For EcoWorld, I developed a variety of customized WordPress plugins that enabled the site to ingest millions of new articles without overwhelming the WordPress core system. I also built several asynchronous systems that created millions of internal links automatically. Finally, I migrated the entire platform from an out-of-date hosting provider to new hosting with reliable backups.


For Fairways360, I consulted on the technology strategy from the very beginning. I built the entire implementation of the business, including developing and deploying the current site as well as investigating and implementing the third-party Flash technology for 360-degree viewing. I built a suite of back-office tools for processing the proprietary image format and integrating the latitude/longitude calculations for seamless integration into the Flash player. I built the embeddable code for clients to incorporate the viewer technology onto their site with a simple copy-and-paste code segment.


For GreenAnswers, I performed a complete audit of the security and stability of the existing system. From this audit, I developed a series of improved backups and reliability metrics as well as a detailed set of repeatable steps for deployment. In addition, I developed comprehensive monitoring to ensure that site performance was maintained.


For AboutMyBaby, I developed the technology strategy from the ground up. I rebuilt the entire software infrastructure using LAMP technology stack. The service now manages millions of page views a month, stores many terabytes of data reliably, and has advanced features like fail-safe video transcoding.

Social Vibe

For SocialVibe, I collaborated with an outsourced engineering team to ensure the beta software achieved the initial product goals and provided a scalable foundation for the business. Through the architecture and code evaluation, I identified several areas that required improvement and helped develop that code. These contributions helped smooth the beta launch.


For JewishJournal, I resolved numerous editorial efficiency problems by refactoring several administrative tools that had been broken for months. Also, I built a prototype of the entire site utilizing modern content management system.

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